Sunday, October 12, 2014

Rhymes of History

A technology that follows the Rhymes of history are the various forms of social media; Twitter, Edmodo, Google +, Facebook, etc. Social Media rekindles the daily newspaper. The daily newspapers used to provide a morning edition and an evening edition. Today, journalist and individuals’ record news as it happens. Within an hour an event has been heard worldwide, through a tweet, on YouTube, or a text. Before social media became popular, individuals relied on journalists to report events through the news paper. Then in the 1930’s reporters provided news on television. Today, there is a platform to meet everyone’s need to learn the events of the day. We can watch the morning of evening news, read the newspaper, read a digital newspaper, or simply go online to the numerous websites that provide us with moment by moment news updates.  


Morejon, R. (2012). How Social Media is Replacing Traditional Journalism as a News Source.


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